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2019-2020 School Year Memo to Parents/Guardians PDF icon 2019-2020_school_year.pdf May 28, 2020
2022 Student Summer Learning Sessions PDF icon 2022_student_summer_learning_sessions.pdf Jun 21, 2022
2022-2023 Welcome Letter from the Acting Superintendent PDF icon welcome_letter_2022-2023_busplanner-covid.pdf Sep 1, 2022
Accessing a Teams Public Event PDF icon accessing_a_teams_public_event_-_updated_dec.pdf Dec 15, 2020
Annual Report to DEC - August 2018 PDF icon annual_report_to_dec_august_2018.pdf Sep 17, 2018
Annual Report to the District Education Council PDF icon annual_report_to_the_district_education_council_-_2015-2016.pdf Aug 22, 2016
Annual Report to the District Education Council 2016-2017 PDF icon Annual Report to the District Education Council 2016-2017 Aug 30, 2017
ASD-N Calendar 2018-2019 PDF icon ASD-N Calendar 2018-2019 Oct 1, 2018
ASD-N Pride Poster PDF icon asdn_pride_poster.pdf Feb 25, 2020
AstraZeneca Vaccine Q&A

Following yesterday's announcement concerning the AstraZeneca vaccine use being paused, we know you may have questions. The attached Government of New Brunswick document addresses some of the most common questions, and provides answers to those questions.

PDF icon az-qa-march-29.pdf Mar 30, 2021
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Behavioural Interventions Training Brochure PDF icon asd_k12_lv1_brochure_parent_web_1.pdf Jan 20, 2019
Bus Information for 2021-2022 School Year PDF icon bus_information_-_return_to_school_september_2021.pdf Jun 28, 2021
Bus Transportation 2020-2021

For information on bus transportation, please click on the attached link.

PDF icon return_to_school_messaging_-_transportation.pdf Aug 28, 2020
Call Centers Support Contacts for Laptops Used for Distance Learning PDF icon call_centers_support_contact_s_for_laptops_used_for_distance_learning.pdf Sep 30, 2020
Consider Becoming A Candidate For Your DEC in ASD-N PDF icon asdn_dec_candidates.pdf Mar 22, 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19): For Schools returning after March Break PDF icon coronavirus_covid-19_for_schools_returning_after_march_break_final.pdf Mar 6, 2020
COVID-Related Processes Over The Holidays PDF icon holiday_letter_for_asd-n_families_dec_23.pdf Dec 23, 2021
DISCOVER 2018 Map PDF icon DISCOVER 2018 Brochure/Map - Website Version May 21, 2018
Discover 2019: Journey into Innovation PDF icon discovermap.pdf Other May 24, 2019
District Improvement Plan 2013-16 PDF icon district_improvement_plan_-_2013-2016_-_revised_n26.pdf Aug 22, 2016


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