Grade 12 DRHS 7 Sacred Teachings Art Piece

Posted: June 15, 2017

Through collaboration between First Nation Lead Patricia Miller and Dalhousie Regional High School Art teacher Jennifer McGloin, the grade 12 Art students were asked to paint panels depicting the 7 Sacred Grandmother/Grandfather Teachings. Jennifer used this project as one of the year end projects students could choose to create. The students had to follow specific criteria following a rubric while completing this project as part of their year end mark. Students were given a brief overview of the 7 Sacred Teachings and each student or group, using the symbols for each teaching, came up with a design for each panel. They drew and painted each teaching which are on display on the third floor of the high school section at Dalhousie Regional High. Thank you Jennifer McGloin and the grade 12 Art students for your dedication to this project!