Red Shawl Campaign at SSHS and DRHS

Posted: April 1, 2019

The Red Shawl Campaign is a spinoff of the Red Dress Project which started in 2010 as an art instillation by Jamie Black, a Metis artist based in Winnipeg. The RED Shawl Campaign started at the University of New Brunswick by the Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre Elder-in-residence, Imelda Perley. The aim of both campaigns is to bring awareness to the murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada which includes Mi’kmaq and Wolastoyeq women of New Brunswick. It is also a way to promote and incite dialogue surrounding the increasing numbers and lack of response to the murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. Three high schools in the northern area of ASD-N have initiated the Red Shawl Campaign this year. Bathurst High, Dalhousie Regional High and Sugarloaf Senior High have had introductory presentations to this campaign through Native Studies, Personal Development Career Planning, Art, and/or Sociology courses. In February and March two of the high schools, Sugarloaf Senior High School and Dalhousie Regional High School, participated in a school wide assembly. Bathurst High School’s assembly is scheduled for April. These assemblies are to bring awareness to all staff and students and to kick off the campaign. Each assembly was student led, the students did a wonderful job spreading awareness in their respective schools. Many thanks to Patty Miller for all her hard work and making this happen. As part of the goal of the Red Shawl Campaign we hope to incorporate this topic in classroom lessons, develop social justice projects and use Mi’kmaw perspectives and teachings to guide students on building healthy relationships as they move forward in their post high school lives/careers. The district will look to expand the campaign into other parts of the district in 2019-2020.