Ms. Jennifer’s Grade Three/Four Special Promise

Posted: May 21, 2019

Grade 3-4 students in Ms. Jennifer’s class at Jacquet River School spent several weeks learning about Indigenous Treaties during their Social Studies period.

Over the course of seven weeks students learned the meaning of Turtle Island and its relationship with the Mi’kmaq people. They made their own connections to their relationship to Turtle Island through discussion about recycling and how they too have a responsibility to keep Turtle Island healthy. Students learned what a treaty is and discussed what happens when you make and/or break a promise. During one classroom activity they participated in a scaled down Blanket Exercise and sharing circle. All the students learn about and participated in the voting process, wording and writing their treaty, learning about consequences and rewards in violating or upholding the treaty. As lessons ended the class and teacher worked together to create their very own classroom treaty. Through discussions and coming to a consensus, students were able to sign their treaty titled, Ms. Jennifer’s Grade Three/Four Special Promise. A special sharing of a snack completed the lessons as a celebration of their teamwork and commitment to upholding this treaty.