Students Speak Up

Posted: April 30, 2010

Bonar Law Memorial School (BLMS) in Rexton was host recently to the annual District 16 Oratory Competition. BLMS student Paige Hebert was awarded the honour of first place, Katie Hamilton of North and South Esk Regional High School was second and Sarah Hayward of James M. Hill placed third. Each of the five District 16 high schools was represented by two speakers  who had qualified earlier at the school level. The presentations were five minutes long followed by a one minute "off the cuff" impromptu speech on a random topic. Topics of the prepared speeches included "The Perfect Man", "The End of the World", and the "Vancouver Olympics". Ms. Hebert is now preparing to represent the district at the Provincial Oratory Competition in Fredericton in mid May. Pictured on the left is Mr. A. Beers, the event organizer, and Ms. Hebert.