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Posted: July 19, 2018

Here are some of the rocks that were hidden for our new Talk With Me Rocks Contest!

Posted: July 5, 2018

Talk With Me ASDN is promoting a new contest over the summer months.  Find one of the "Talk With Me Rock" hidden throughout the district and post a picture of it either one of our Facebook pages (Talk With Me - Miramichi/Kent, Talk With Me Bathurst/Chaleur, or Talk With Me - Restigouche) and/or post your picture on your personal Facebook/Instragram using the #TalkWithMeRocks.  Contest closes on September 7, 2018 and a winner of a family game night basket will be drawn.  There will be one winner in each of the following areas: Miramichi/Kent, Bathurst/Chaleur, and Restigouche.  If you are unable to find one of our Talk With Me Rocks, you may also enter the contest by posting a picture of a rock that you decorated yourself following the same directions above.  We also encourage you to "like and share" our facebook pages.

Finding rocks has become a very popular activity for all ages.  There are many ways you can build your child's language skills during these activities, while having fun with your child doing so. While looking for painted rocks with your child, talk about the places you are looking (e.g., I see a rock under the picnic table, Here's a rock beside the beside).  This is a great way to learn about prepositions.  When you find a rock, talk about the colors used and the picture painted on it.  If there is writing on the rock, point out the letters and discuss the sound the letter makes.  Be creative when painting your own rocks with your child.  Talk about what you are going to paint and what supplies are needed for your project.  Talk about the steps you need to follow to prepare your own rock (e.g., First we find a rock.  Then we paint the rock  We let the paint dry and then seal the rock.  Last, we hide our rock).  Have fun and happy hunting!!  


Talk With Me facebook links:

Talk With Me - Miramichi/Kent

Talk With Me - Bathurst/Chaleur

Talk With Me - Restigouche


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Here is the Summer calendar for Talk With Me in Restigouche, which covers July - August 2018.  Please check the Talk With Me - Restigouche Facebook page for any updates and cancellations regarding programming!

Posted: June 14, 2018

Touch provided through gentle massage has proven to offer a multitude of benefits for both parent & baby. Some of the integral benefits can be: relaxation, bonding, attachment, brain development as well as gas/colic relief.  More importantly, as parents sing and interact face-to-face with their babies, they are promoting early language and communication skills.

Therefore, Infant Massage enhances the growth & development of the infant; both emotionally, physically, and cognitively!

Posted: June 14, 2018

Talk With Me Bathurst/Chaleur has just completed their Spring session of Infant Massage! Overall, we had 12 participants including a set of twins. Moms, Dads, & Grammies were also happily in attendance.


Posted: June 1, 2018

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Posted: May 15, 2018

Talk With Me-Miramichi/Kent Facebook Page

Here is a link to the Talk With Me-Miramichi/Kent Facebook page. On this page you will find calendars, special events, online resources, and more!

Posted: May 15, 2018

Talk With Me- Bathurst/Chaleur Facebook Page

Here is a link to the Bathurst/Chaleur's Facebook page. You will find our calendars, special events, online resources, and more!

Posted: May 15, 2018

Talk With Me - Restigouche Facebook Page

Here is a link to the Facebook page for Talk With Me - Restigouche.


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