January is Capacity Building Month

Posted: January 15, 2017

A new year is upon us! The start of a new year is always a time for positive thoughts and intentions. I am hopeful that you took the time to recharge your batteries in preparation for the work that will need to be done as we work our way to June.  I know that the two weeks off allowed me some think time to envision the direction we need to go as a team and what we might do to get there.


As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all employees understand the core values that we believe are an important part of Anglophone North School District’s culture, we are dedicating a month to each of our six core values.  January is BUILDING CAPACITY Month.


Our core value for building capacity says that: “we commit to building the capacity of all employees, empowering them to support continuous improvement with respect to the District’s vision.”


As we continue to work on district improvement, building capacity is a key value that we want to promote and demonstrate.  This means that we all need to self-reflect on the skills and competencies that we need for our work and identify where we need to improve.  Continuous improvement is very important as it allows us to be more effective.

We will continue to work on building capacity by:


·         Interpreting and using the data we have available to us


·         Using the data to build employees knowledge and skills


·         Providing professional learning, coaching, mentoring, leadership development activities and consulting support for all staff


·         Providing appropriate feedback for growth and sustainability


Each of you will be receiving a sticker in the next week or so that explains the building capacity core value.  This can be placed in a prominent place so that you remember the importance of building capacity in your own day to day work. We will also be providing schools with some reflection activities on the topic of building capacity that you can use throughout the month to strengthen your understanding of this core value. We look forward to hearing from you about any ideas you have that might improve our efforts to build capacity in Anglophone North School District.


Have a great month!