October is Communication Month

Posted: October 5, 2016

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all employees understand the core values that we believe are an important part of Anglophone School District North’s culture, we are dedicating a month to each of our six core values.  October is Communication Month.


Our core value for communication states “We commit to having open, respectful, honest and timely communication”.


The importance of effective communication cannot be understated and is a building block of a successful organization.  It promotes motivation by informing and clarifying expectations for employees, it is a source of information for the decision-making process, it plays a crucial role in helping to mould employee’s attitudes by providing them with the information that they need, it ensures we remain connected across the district, and it allows employees to better understand how the district functions.

Each of you will be receiving a sticker in the next week or so that explains the communication core value.  This can be placed in a prominent place so that you remember the importance of communication in your day to day work.

As we work on our own communication strategies, our goal is to discover and mitigate the various barriers to communication, both in receiving and delivering messages.  We look forward to hearing from you any ideas you have that might improve communication in Anglophone North School District.