Sustainability Study NSEE/NSER

On May 25, 2015, the Anglophone North School District Education Council voted in favor of engaging in a sustainability study of North & South Esk Regional School, under the process of Provincial Policy 409: Multi-Year Infrastructure Planning. This study will explore the sustainability of keeping North & South Esk Regional School open.  As the percentage occupancy of students attending NSER is less than 30%, a sustainability study is required under Policy 409, which was revised in March 2015 to include a trigger for student enrolment and percentage occupancy. We will also complete a sustainability study of North & South Esk Elementary School at the same time, as is allowed through Provincial Policy 409. To view the relevant provincial policy click here: Policy 409 – Revised March 2015 . The sustainability study process includes three public meetings . For details about these meetings refer to “Parent Letter Re Sustainability Study at NSEE/NSER” attached below. Further information will be posted to this page as it becomes available.