“Great Things To Come” from ASD-N Partnership with Académie de Créteil in France

Posted: October 31, 2022

MIRAMICHI, October 2, 2022 – Anglophone North School District recently welcomed a delegation of administrators from the Académie de Créteil in France on October 5-7. The visit to New Brunswick was arranged by the French Embassy, and is a result of the partnership that has been forged between the two educational bodies.


Académie de Créteil is situated just east of the Paris region, and serves almost one million students.


ASD-N, under the leadership of the French Second Language Coordinator, established the partnership several years ago. It has resulted in schools in the District having connected and collaborated with schools in France for multiple projects.  The recent visit by the French delegation allowed members to meet with senior managers for discussions on operations and programming, and also included tours of a number of schools across the District to view the implementation of various French language learning programs. The representatives from Créteil were also very interested in learning about the models used for inclusion and personalization.


Discussions between the partners have lead to many new exciting opportunities for both ASD-N and Créteil. A formalized agreement will be signed in the coming months. It is envisioned that Créteil will send students studying education to Anglophone North to fulfill their four-week practicum teaching requirements. This will be a huge asset to students and classrooms in the District. There are also talks underway that would promote teachers from Créteil doing an exchange to New Brunswick to teach in ASD-N schools for a period of up to one year. Student exchanges between the two partners are also being considered as a future opportunity.


In addition to the full schedule of meetings and classroom tours, the visiting delegation was also treated to visits to local landmarks, including Pabineau Falls in the Bathurst area and to a corn maze in the Miramichi area. The team from Créteil was very appreciative of the warm welcome they received, and like Anglophone North School District, is looking forward to continuing plans for this special partnership.