“Bearly” believable



A special international Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Rodd Miramichi River Hotel for 16 Colombian girls, their chaperones, host families and school principals on Monday, through the generosity of one local doctor.


As a way of recognizing the former First Nation students who attended residential school, the losses they experienced and the impacts that the residential schools had on their lives, Anglophone North will celebrate Orange Shirt Day on Wednesday, September 30th .  Students and staff are invited t

Research is definitive about the importance of nutrition on learning.  Breakfast, often labeled the most important meal of the day, is also the meal that research says is missed most often.  Eating a good breakfast regularly has been linked to improvement in academic performance and emotional and social functioning, and is al

Please be advised that as of today, September 3, 2015, we will be unable to approve any further out of zone transfer requests until September 30, 2015.  Please check back then if you want to request that your child be transferred to a school for which they are not zoned and if there is room, we may be able to grant your request.