The fall sports programs have begun in schools across the district. Yesterday more than 200 elementary school students, grades 3 to 5, participated in a cross country running meet at Gretna Green Elementary School in Miramichi. This was the first of 4 weekly meets that make up the fall schedule for yesterday’s participants. Meets, held Wednesday afternoons, will be hosted by North and South Esk Elementary, Croft Elementary  and Blackville School in coming weeks.
     Schools across the ASD-N will be participating in a wide variety of outdoor fall sports over the next 2 months and community members are encouraged to support events at their local school.  Check school web sites for schedules, it is a nice times of year to be outdoors. To see photos visit Cross Country .

This past Saturday Jen McEathron and Kaitlyn  Frost were tucked away in a  corner of the Chatham Market, quietly supporting third world development. They were seeking donations from those passing by to help provide children in Uganda and Dominican Republic with school supplies. The James M. Hill High School students are members of an organization at their school called WRED. The goal of their on-going project is to raise enough money to purchase 20 school supply kits for Uganda and 175 kits for Dominican Republic. Each kit is valued at $20.00 and would include pencils (12), erasers (2), pens (2), a book, ruler, writing notebook (4), pencil crayons and pencil sharpener, all in a cloth drawstring bag. To find out more about this and similar projects visit WRED . To view an interview with Mr. Tyson Theriault, the teacher who is the leading this and other world development projects at JMH, visit Interview

The Campbellton Junior A Tigers found time in their busy pre-season schedule to welcome back students at Tide Head School. The partnership created last year by Community School Coordinator Aysleigh Lefurgey and Head Coach Troy Ryan continued as players dedicated an afternoon to help students prepare their school garden for the fall. Tide Head School’s discovery garden was initiated in 2013 and has become a fundamental part of learning for students. The school garden not only educates students about growing plants and produce organically but also encourages wellness and healthy eating. The project would not be successful without parents and volunteers to help students care for the garden. Principle Heather Ross praised the team’s efforts. “The Tigers did a super job helping with the weeding as first time gardeners! Positive male role models are so important for the students at this elementary age. We are so happy to be in a partnership with this great bunch of guys who are always welcome in our school!” To see photos visit The Garden .

Miramichi Valley High School has been selected by a group called Brilliant Labs to do a technology project for the Fall of 2014.  ‘Underwater Robots on the Miramichi’ will allow students an opportunity to explore the Miramichi River with OpenROV robots (Remote Operated Vehicle) and capture live video of their exploration.  The class will be posting updates on their expedition throughout the semester and encourages everyone to follow the project by visiting the link...  OpenExplorer   .

Are you looking to share your love of reading and get involved in your community? Elementary Literacy Inc. is a not-for-profit charitable organization with the mission to work closely with educators, parents and communities for increasing literacy rates across New Brunswick. To support this effort, Elementary Literacy Inc. offers the Elementary Literacy Friends Program (Elf) in Anglophone schools across NB.
The Elf Program is a ...

The "ELF" programs in ASD-N schools are looking for volunteers for sessions that will begin in October. Elementary Literacy Friends (ELF) is a volunteer-based literacy program that helps Grade 2 students who would benefit from additional one-on-one literacy activities.  ELFNB provides training, materials, feedback and all of the support necessary for each volunteer to make positive, lifelong impact not just on a student, but on how that student will contribute to society throughout his or her life.

Volunteers do not need previous teaching experience; only a willingness to help and commit to the ELF requirements. Following an initial 3-hour training session, the volunteer is matched with a student. The volunteer works with the student for 1 hour at the end of the school day, 2 twice a week for 10 weeks. To learn more about ELF or to register for the training session, visit us online at or call 1-855-898-2533. To watch an animated video visit Whiteboard.  To hear about the experience of an ELF volunteer visit Nikki.