CBC Television News for New Bunswick recently aired a story about Brazilian students attending classes at Dalhousie High School. To view the item, visit  International  Students in ASD-N Classroom . To see photos of International Students enjoying winter in the Dalhousie area visit Winter Activities .

Parkwood Heights Elementary School in Bathurst has received a generous donation from GDF Suez Canada. Visit Learning Commons . 

Simon Scott, a grade 5 student at Janeville School, has had his design selected as the 2015 NB Elementary School Drama Festival logo. This logo  will be worn on a button by by all students participating in their district's respective 2014-2015 elementary drama festivals. The ASD-N festival will take place at James M. Hill High School on May 12.

The greater Bathurst region once again this Christmas had a very successful Spirit of Christmas campaign to support many senior citizens in the area. Although this project brings many aspects of the community together, it is from local ASD-N schools that much of the generosity and effort is received not to mention organization and logistics. More than 200 local seniors who might have otherwise done without and would have had very little human contact over the Christmas season, were personally presented in their homes with bags of goodies and gifts as well as a bit of financial support in some cases. The involvement of hundreds of donors and volunteers from the community raises the awareness of the needs of others and so the “Spirit of Christmas” spreads far and wide. This year’s campaign raised $50 000 worth of gifts and supplies, enough to share also with five local nursing homes. Inclement weather on “sorting day” prevented the usual involvement of school children in putting the hundreds of carrier bags but the job got done and deliveries with Santa’s assistance were made on schedule. To see photos visit A Generous Community .

Kidplayhouse Productions, a not-for-profit performing arts workshop for children, youth and adults, is accepting registrations for their winter programs. See brochure below and find out more at Kidplayhouse Productions .

Below is a letter from a parent of ASD-N students expressing delight in a Christmas time collaborative effort between students from James M. Hill Memorial High School and Ian Baillie Primary School.