The BHS Music Memories is a group of students who came together after  hearing about a study of how music awakens seniors with Alzheimer's.  Music Memories has approximately 28 keen students who visit with seniors in local senior residences.

Dalhousie Regional High School held their annual “Trick or Eat” food drive on October 30th.  Grade 9 students went door-to-door, in costume, collecting non-perishable food items for the Restigouche County Volunteer Action Association (RCVAA) food bank.  Student

Parents and guardians are invited to complete an online survey on child care in New Brunswick as part of the public consultation being conducted by the Child Care Sector Task Force.


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Our government is making early childhood development a priority because by ensuring the success of all sectors that work with young children, we will see future generations of New Brunswickers develop to their full potential.

In order to accomplish this, we must examine the child care system in New Brunswick.

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