District Education Council

Working Together to Improve Education

On January 10th, 2017, Anglophone North School District Superintendent, Beth Stymiest, and District Education Council Chair, Micheal Mortlock, embarked on an annual series of focus group sessions with students from the eight high schools in ASD-N. The purpose of these sessions was to gain high school students’ perspectives on some big ideas about education so that we can compare their view of education with the work we are trying to accomplish, as well as determine directions to improve student engagement.

Posted: March 11, 2016

Subdistrict 1

Micheal Mortlock
Email: Micheal.Mortlock@gnb.ca

Subdistrict 2

Joseph Petersen
Email: Joseph.Petersen@nbed.nb.ca

Subdistrict 3

Sheila Rogers
Email: Sheila.Rogers@nbed.nb.ca

Subdistrict 4

Carmel Hambrook
Email: Carmel.Hambrook@nbed.nb.ca

Subdistrict 5

Andy Flanagan
Email: Andy.Flanagan@nbed.nb.ca

Subdistrict 6

Ron Ecker
Email: Ronald.Ecker@nbed.nb.ca

Subdistrict 7

Raymond Murphy
Email: Raymond.Murphy@nbed.nb.ca

First Nations Representative

Nancy McBain
Email: Nancy.McBain@nbed.nb.ca

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