Building Language Skills With Picture Books

Posted: August 17, 2020

Shared book reading can have a BIG impact on your little one’s language growth!

Focus on the pictures while reading to help you simplify the story and to point out vocabulary (nouns, verbs, descriptive words)

Don’t be afraid to be silly and engaging!!  Vary your intonation.  Make funny voices.  “Play” with your little one as you read!

Let your child participate.  Let them help turn the pages or lift the flaps.

Pause and let your child fill in a familiar word or phrase from the book.

Make real-life connections as you read the book.  For example, if the monkey is eating a banana, you can say, “Oh, you like bananas too!”

Repeat the same books over and over!  Children love repetition!  This helps our children to learn the meaning of the words in the book.  This will also help learn the words and phrases in the book so they can begin to fill them in!

Daily shared book reading will help instill a love for reading!