Our Mission:
The Anglophone North School District community commits to engaging children and students in an inclusive environment that embraces teamwork, responsibility, innovation and personal excellence.
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Office of the Superintendent

78 Henderson Street
Miramichi NB
E1N 2R7
Phone (506) 778-6075
Fax (506) 778-6090

Education Center (Bathurst/Dalhousie)

155 Munro Street
Bathurst NB
E2A 1G3
Phone (506) 547-7244
Fax (506) 549-5855

500 Canada Games Drive
Dalhousie, NB
E8C 2P5
Phone 1-800-661-6667
Fax (506) 684-7552

Education Center (Miramichi)

78 Henderson Street
Miramichi NB
E1N 2R7
Phone (506) 778-6075
Fax (506) 778-6090
Anglophone North - Subdistrict 1

Campbellton Middle School
80 Arran Street, Campbellton

Lord Beaverbrook School
113 Arran Street, Campbellton

Sugarloaf Senior High School
201 Dover Street, Campbellton

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 2

Dalhousie Regional High School
500 Canada Games Drive, Dalhousie
Jacquet River School
3970 Main Street, Belledune
L.E. Reinsborough School
390 Adelaide Street, Dalhousie

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 3

Bathurst High School
640 King Avenue, Bathurst
Janeville Elementary School
107 Route 340, Janeville
Parkwood Elementary School
1125 Highland Avenue, Bathurst

Superior Middle School
560 Duke Street, Bathurst
Terry Fox Elementary
155 Basin Street, Bathurst

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 4

Gretna Green School
15 Gretna Green Drive, Miramichi

Max Aitken Academy 
58 Crocker Crescent, Miramichi
Miramichi Valley High School
345 McKenna Avenue, Miramichi

Tabusintac Community School
66 Hierlihy Road, Tabusintac

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 5

Dr. Losier Middle School
124 Henderson Street, Miramichi
 James M. Hill Memorial High School
128 Henderson Street, Miramichi
King Street Elementary School 
101 King Street, Miramichi

Miramichi Rural School
7366 Route 117, Miramichi Bay
Napan Elementary School
225 South Napan Road, Napan

Nelson Rural School
26 St. Patrick's Drive, Miramichi

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 6

Blackville School
12 MacLaggan Drive, Blackville

Millerton Elementary & Junior High School
4711 Route 108 Hwy, Derby
North & South Esk Elementary School
36 Northwest Road, Sunny Corner
North & South Esk Regional High School
40 Northwest Road, Sunny Corner

Anglophone North - Subdistrict 7

Bonar Law Memorial School
197 Main Street, Rexton

Eleanor W. Graham Middle School
9 California Road, Rexton

Harcourt School
155 West Side Harcourt Rd., Harcourt
Rexton Elementary School
19 School Street, Rexton