What's Cool About My School

An Online Video Series Profiling What Makes ASD-N Schools Cool!

Grade 1 students from Mrs. Noel’s class at King Street Elementary have been travelling to Losier Hall Shannex in Miramichi to spend time working with and teaching seniors. This is done through the use of iPads, Osmo game based learning systems and robotics Students share their knowledge with their new found friends, as they work together to solve numeracy and literacy based puzzles.

For the past 8 years, students at Gretna Green School have been part of the Superflex Crew. Superflex is a kid-friendly social thinking curriculum. Students learn about Superflex strategies and the undesirable characters, develop scripts with teacher assistance, and act out real-life scenarios they see in themselves and in their school. Students that have been part of the Superflex Crew have produced over 50 videos. These students have learned how to cope more successfully in their world beyond the school walls and have created a resource that helps others as well.

To the best of their knowledge, Jacquet River School is the only school in the province of New Brunswick that has a BMX bicycle program. Funded in part by community donations, they have a been able to purchase 26 BMX bikes and a storage shed to houses the bicycles and equipment. Students from kindergarten to grade 8 are able to use the bikes during recess and phys-ed class.

Meridith Cassie and co-host, Logan, talk to teachers and students at Tide Head School about how special the school is and what has made it unique.

North and South Esk Elementary recently installed Sensory Floor Paths at their school. What is a sensory path? Students are able to release energy and tension by traveling through a series of physical movements like hopping, skipping, balancing, jumping and stretching while improving their ability to learn. These activities will help our students deal with anxiety or over stimulation and can even engage them in literacy and numeracy at the same time! The kids at NSEE school love it!

Nelson Rural grade 7 and 8 students have been working with ArtsSmarts musician and songwriter Stephen Lewis, from Fredericton NB. Over the past two months students have studied and written spoken word poetry/hip hop songs to accompany the musical compositions they created using keyboards and loop pedals. This WCAMS episode was recorded during the students final showcase of their written word, musical compositions and their overall collaboration.

One of the things that makes Miramichi Rural School special is it's focus on French language instruction despite its small size and not having an immerision program.

Students from kindergarten to grade 3 are invovled in the FLORA program (French Language Opportunties in Rural Areas). This program provides students with 30 minutes of interactive French language exposure per day. Students in from grade 4 to grade 8 particiapte in the Intensive French program. Teachers and leads are providing more hands-on experiences in Miramichi Rural School's Post Intenstive French classrooms. These hands-on expereinces give students opportunties to have authentic conversations in their second language.

Posted: December 13, 2018

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Superior Middle School began this school year with the goal to increase student engagement by creating more opportunities for staff and students to personalize learning. 

To achieve this goal, Superior Middle has shifted math instruction to a outcome mastery model where every student moves at their own pace and teachers are engaging students in cross-curricular project-based learning.

At Terry Fox Elementary, staff and students find ways each day to develop the hero in us all. Our Code of Conduct is based on the acronym Hero, reminding us all that honesty and integrity count, that everyone is accountable, to use respectful actions and words and to be on task. Each day, students are challenged on the morning news to be someone's hero, and to use helping hands to make a difference in their classroom, in their school and in the world around them. Whether helping a little one dress for outside, carrying someone's tray in the cafeteria, solving a problem on the playground, picking up litter to respect school grounds or finding ways to help outside of our school in the community and around the world, students who make a difference are showcased and celebrated daily on TFES News. Students on the news remind their peers each day to "Work Hard and Play Fair to be a Hero in Your own Special Way!" Being someone’s hero is what makes Terry Fox Elementary School a special place to learn and grow. We know our school’s namesake would be very proud that students are making a difference in their own special way!

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