ASD-N and Listuguj Collaborate on Back to School Planning

Posted: August 21, 2020


Anglophone North School District and Listuguj Education, Training and Employment Collaborate on Return to School


As the upcoming 2020-2021 school year draws near, Listuguj and Anglophone North School District are working closely together to prepare for the safe and successful return to classes. 


COVID-19 ensures that it will be a year unlike any other, so working together to help support students and families, and address their concerns, is a priority for both partners. ASD-N staff are finalizing operational plans, addressing busing and back to school protocols, while Listuguj Education, Training and Employment is planning to reach out and survey how their families are feeling about that return.


“Listuguj and Campbellton are a community divided by a river – that’s simply geography. What we will not allow to divide our school community is fear or intolerance,” stated Anglophone North School District Superintendent, Mark Donovan, referring to recent negative and racist comments on social media. “There is no room in our schools for that, it won’t be tolerated. We are happy to welcome all of our students back in September, and to get back to classroom learning. We want to ensure their comfort level in all areas.” Donovan added that we all have to rely on the facts and the direction from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health – following all guidelines will help ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. 


Sugarloaf Senior High School Principal Michael O’Toole echoed those sentiments. “I am excited to welcome our new and returning students to SSHS. We will continue to ensure the safety and wellness of our students, staff, and community; cultivate connections and relationships and apply innovative, creative and effective solutions in our “Return to School Plan”. We want our students’ return to school to be a positive experience and that they are returning to a happy, safe, and secure environment.”


“The Enhancement staff are prepared for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year at SSHS. With all the challenges we have been facing we hope that we can all find healthy ways in bridging our differences together for the greater goal of achieving success in education,” noted Bobbi Madahbee, the Enhancement Manager. 


Approximately 110 students from Listuguj attend Sugarloaf Senior High School, which represents one third of the school’s student population.


Chief Darcy Gray from Listuguj says, “Our kids are hurting on both sides of the River. A wedge has been driven between them geographically, with lasting impacts and shifted perspectives. In our internal discussions, the importance of mental and emotional safety was emphasized, along with specific ideas on how this could be supported at all levels. It requires significant collaboration and work.”


The Listuguj Education, Training and Employment and the ASD-N staff are currently working to address these challenges and others including transportation, student support and technology support for in-school and at-home learning. We recognize there is a long road ahead and we look forward to achieving these goals collaboratively. With regards to the start of the new school year, the Listuguj Education, Training and Employment is designing a survey to provide students and parents of Listuguj with the opportunity to open up and share their feelings about going back to school. This survey will be released Monday, August 24, 2020 through official LMG and LETE media outlets.  LMG, LETE and ASD-N will work together to assess and address the results of the survey, to ensure a positive learning environment for all students.