ASD-N, City of Miramichi and the Miramichi Police Force Share Important Message

Posted: October 30, 2020

Anglophone North School DIstrict, City of Miramichi and the Miramichi Police Force issued a joint statement earlier this afternoon.

In the letter, the community leaders thanked all citizens who have showed their support and sent messages of condolence following another terrible loss in the community.

The statement also confirmed that the tragedy has resulted in many negative comments and misinformation being shared on social media, and cautioned people to give careful thought before they speak or post.  They urged the community to show compassion, kindness and consideration to one another.

They confirmed that all partners in the letter take all case of bullying very seriously, and that anyone who is aware of someone being threatened or bullied should report it to the police or school principal immediately.

The statement also provided contacts for support services, which are inlcluded in the full document attached below.