ASD-N Students Find Ways to Spread Kindness, Help Others

Posted: November 25, 2020

Students throughout ASD-N are finding ways to spread kindness and joy, and help their communities during these challenging times.

Two examples of that are sisters Elianna and Sophia Pitre. Elianna is a Grade 8 student at Superior Middle School and Sophia is in Grade 5 at Terry Fox Elementary.

Since 2014, the girls (along with help from their parents) have been creating Christmas crafts to raise money, which goes towards purchasing gifts for less fortunate kids in the area. Since starting this project, the sisters have raised enough money to purchase 94 gifts, and this year alone they have raised around $1000 to buy items for the Christmas season. 

Elianna and Sophia both say thier favorite part of the project is going out to purchase the gifts as a family, returning home to wrap them, and then making the deliveries - it is their way of getting into the Christmas spirit!

There is no doubt that they are demonstrating compassion and terrific leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and we salute Elianna and Sophia and all the other ASD-N students making a difference in our communities!

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