ASD-N Virtual Olympics

Posted: May 12, 2020

The ASD-N Virtual Olympics will take place over 10 days, May 25-29 and June 1-5. Each day will consist of 3 activities. The Virtual Olympics are open to any ASD-N students and their family members. Events can be done as many times as desired, just take the best result. Results of events can be recorded on the scorecard that will be provided and can then be submitted via a Microsoft form at the end of each of the two weeks.

 There will be a package emailed to anyone that registers at the beginning of both weeks. There will be a video and activity card for each day to outline the 3 events and any other information needed. The video and activity cards for each day will be posted on the ASD-N website and will be emailed to anyone that has registered also.

Families will need to gather any equipment that is required. Most of the equipment needed can be found around the house or yard. An equipment list will be provided prior to the event taking place.

 Schools are encouraged to upload any pictures or videos to their school website that students submit. Teachers, parents, and students are all encouraged to post any pictures or videos to social media using the #asdnvirtualolympics  

 Certificates will be provided for any students that take part and would like to have one to celebrate completing all the events.

 Participants can register here: Virtual Olympics Registration