District and Provincial Concours d’art oratoire Winners

Posted: May 11, 2017

On Saturday, April 22nd, Jacquet River School hosted the annual ASD-N French Oratorical Competition.  There were a total of 29 middle school and high school competitors from the Early and Late Immersion programs as well as from the Post-Intensive French program. All of the speeches were well done and the judges were impressed with the high level of French and wide variety of topics. 

Many of the winners went on to participate at the Provincial Concours which was held on Saturday, May 6th at the Université de Moncton. In the grade 7/8 Post-Intensive French category, Cameron Robichaud from Dalhousie Regional High School came in second place and Maigan Veneau from Superior Middle School came in third. Magela Van der Pluijm from Bathurst High School came in second place for her speech in the Grade 11/12 Post Intensive French category.

Winners from ASD-N competition were as follows:

Grade 6 Early Immersion:

  1. Bereket Cunnison (SMS)
  2. Vickly Lee (SMS)
  3. Elyse Laviolette (CMS)

Grade 7 Early Immersion:

  1. Jamie Benoit (DRHS)
  2. Amber Brown (SMS)
  3. Hailey Fisher (SMS)

Grade 7 Late Immersion:

  1. Bobbie-Kate Daley (SMS)

Grade 8 Early Immersion:

  1. Olivia Kenny (SMS)
  2. Emma Bujold (SMS)
  3. Elsa Cunnison (SMS)

Grade 8 Late Immersion:

  1. Inayyat Seth (SMS)
  2. Jillian Daley (SMS)

Grade 8  Post-Intensive French:

  1. Maigan Veneau (SMS)
  2. Cameron Robichaud (DRHS)

Grade 9 Early Immersion:

  1. Emilie Risdon (BHS)
  2. Mackenzie Branch (BHS)
  3. Katherine Rogers (BHS)

Grade 10 Early Immersion:

  1. Megan White (BHS)
  2. Bradley Irving (BHS)

Grade 11 Post-Intensive French

  1. Magela Van der Pluijm (BHS)
  2. Emily Carey (BHS)