Eleanor W. Graham Middle School Hosts First Mawi'omi (Pow Wow)

Posted: June 7, 2022

Under blue skies and sunshine, EWG Middle School hosted it's first Mawi'omi (Pow Wow) this afternoon in Rexton. Led by local Elders, some students from Rexton Elementary School and Bonar Law Memorial School joined EWG students and participated in the traditional event, that included dancing and drumming.

Grade 7/8 EWG student Laura Jane wore a ribbon dress that she recently made in her Actvity Period, with the help of Ashley Sanipass from Indian Island, who helps coordinate cultutal actvities at the school.

Drummers from Rexton Elementary were also on hand to lend support.

The energy was positive and joyous throughout the celebration, that took place from 12:30 until 2:15.

North and South Esk Regional School in Sunny Corner also hosted a Mawi'omi on May 13th, and welcomed local Elders and school community.