FLORA comes to Miramichi Rural School

Posted: September 20, 2017

Miramichi Rural has been chosen by EECD as one of four schools in the province to pilot FLORA - French Learning Opportunities for Rural Areas. Principal Zoella Vienneau will be teaching the program to students from kindergarten to grade 3.

What is new and exciting about this program is that it uses a blended learning model: a combination of teacher instruction for a minimum of 15 minutes daily, plus additional time that students will have to work in a personalized, learning environment on computer tablets. There is a wide variety of activities to promote language development in speaking, reading and writing French on the tablets. There are also simple games and activities related to other subject areas such as math, art, and music and students can choose according to their interests and ability levels. Mascots “Rigolo and Rigolette” will also “assist” the students in their learning! 

This is second language learning in an entirely new context, but supported by the strong second language learning strategies used in other FSL programs.