Jacquet River Pumpkin Pros Win the 2019 Catapult Cup!

Posted: October 21, 2019

On Saturday, September 28th, the Waterford Green in Miramichi was filled with students participating in the annual APEGNB Catapult Cup. They came decorated in school colours, dressed as robots and school mascots, and demonstrating their school spirit as they cheered at the top of their lungs. This year, a record number, 16 teams from all corners of ASD-N competed to win the coveted 4th annual Pumpkin Fling trophy and the cheque for $750.  

Students had approximately 3 weeks to build their kits, test their designs, and tinker to improve the performance of their catapult before the big day. Their science skills were put to the test as their goal was to launch an apple into a basket positioned 8 meters away. Each team was given five rounds and points were accumulated based on how accurate their catapult contraptions could fling the apple. 

Once again, our students “wowed” the crowd as two teams (The Miramichi Valley Pulamoo and The Tabusintac Tornados) managed a bullseye, landing directly in the bucket with several more teams glancing off the rim.  These teams took home a prize package donated from Brilliant Labs.  

However, after 5 rounds, when the apples ceased flying, it was the Jacquet River Pumpkin Pros that claimed first place ($750) with the Nelson Elementary Raiders nipping at their heels in second place ($500). For third place, The Tabusintac Tornados, The MVHS Pulamoo, and the Dr. Losier Launchers squared off in the first-ever sudden-death playoff. It was the Tabusintac Tornados that came out on top and took home 3rd place and $250.  

While not claiming 3rd place may have slightly dashed the spirits of the dozens of students from Losier that marched in, drums in hand, to cheer on their team, their  morale was lifted to new heights when it was announced that Dr. Losier Middle School was crowned this year’s school spirit champions ($250)! To round out the prizes, The Nelson Elementary Raiders took home a new prize which featured a design challenge that asked students to document the scientific process that enabled them to launch with such accuracy.  

A big thank you to APEGNB for their continued support of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) initiatives in ASDN!