Ms. Krista Betts receives the Senate 150 Anniversary Medal

Posted: November 20, 2017

Ms. Krista Betts educator at EWG Middle School in Rexton was recently awarded the Senate 150 Anniversary Medal from Senator Rose May Poirier. In photo l. to r.  Mr. Greg Theriault, Principal of EWG Middle School, Kevin Scully mentor and former coach, Ms. Betts, Ms. Poirier, Mr. Dean Mutch, Director of Schools for ASD-N Miramichi/Rexton. 

The Senate 150th Anniversary Medal commemorates the first time senators came to Ottawa to sit in Parliament, on November 6, 1867. 

The medals are being awarded to Canadians or permanent residents actively involved in their communities who, through generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work, make their hometowns, communities, regions, provinces or territories a better place to live. 

The front of the medal features the Senate’s badge and the reverse side depicts the Senate Chamber. A space is provided to inscribe the name of the recipient.

The medal was designed by Lt.-Col. Carl Gauthier, Director of Honours & Recognition at the Department of National Defence, the organization responsible for much of the work that goes into honouring the extraordinary men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Senators each received 12 medals to award.

Congratulations to Ms. Betts on this very prestigious honor, from all her colleagues, students and family.