Msit Ni'kmaq, All My Relations: A Day of Reconciliaton

Posted: March 14, 2019



Two successful days of learning about First Nation history and culture have been experienced by Early Childhood Educators across ASD-N. 


 Saturday, Feb. 9, Max Aitken Academy hosted early childhood educators in the Rexton and Miramichi areas and Saturday, Feb. 16, Eel River Bar’s Aboriginal Heritage Garden hosted educators in the Bathurst, Dalhousie and Campbellton areas.  


The title of the learning day was Msit Ni’kmaq, All My Relations: A Day of Reconciliation and that is exactly what it was! The ASDN Early Childhood team partnered with the First Nation Education team and planned a Day of Reconciliation through learning about First Nation history, culture, storytelling, dance, and song. We were fortunate to have been taught by local Mi’kmaq Elders and Knowledge Keepers and were led by Mi’kmaq drum groups into music and movement activities. The educators who were dedicated enough to give up their Saturday were pleased with the day. 


 Following are a few excerpts from their feedback forms: 


*This session was completely amazing for me.  I leave here a different person than when I came in. ~ Lynn 


*The Blanket activity and talking circle was very powerful. 


*We are all connected whatever culture we come from. 


*Thank you for this amazing experience.