A Parisian experience in Janeville

Posted: April 24, 2018

Students at Janeville Elementary created a Parisian experience in the  4/5 Intensive French class.  As part of the BLEP funds students researched, designed and created a French Parisian Cafe.  They made decorations, put up lights , created centre pieces and more!  They planned menus and researched recipes.  Students voted on what they wanted as a final menu.  They learned new terms for food and language on how to be a server in a cafe.  Students practiced with each other, finalized the menu and decor and then invited guests.  Students invited a line dancing group that had both Anglophones and Francophones- LeeAnn's Line Dancers.  Students set the stage with hostess', French music and of course a full menu.  Grade 4/5 students took orders and filled them creating Croque Monsieur, une assiette du fromage, and desserts of chocolate eclairs, chocolate croissants and more!  Students learned about using a French press to make coffee as well.  Students were then treated to line dancing with French cultural music.

It was a great learning experience and gave an authentic experience to use the language they have been learning.