Pulamoo Pumpkin Projectiles Take First Place in Annual APEG NB Catapult Challenge

Posted: October 6, 2017

A total of ten schools from Anglophone North School District and one from Anglophone East took part in the 2nd Annual ASD-N Catapult Challenge held this past Saturday afternoon at the Waterford Green in Miramichi. This highly successful event, held in conjunction with the APEGNB Pumpkin Fling, saw a huge crowd in attendance to cheer on the competitors.
Each school received three attempts to launch an apple from their catapult to try and land closest to a flag in a designated area. In the end, the Pulamoo Pumpkin Projectiles entry from MVHS led by students Alex Leslie and Matthew Coull claimed the 1st Place trophy and prize of $750. MVHS narrowly edged out the 2nd Place Tabusintac Tornados, who claimed a $500 cheque for their school. Finishing in 3rd with a prize of $250 was the Max Makers team from Max Aitken Academy.
The 4th-6th place teams each received foam glider kits and prize bags donated by APEGNB: JMH Tom Cats finished 4th, Bernice McNaughton High claimed 5th and King Street Elementary took home 6th Place. For the second straight year the Miramichi Rural Sharks won a $250 prize for showing the best School Spirit. Other entries in the competition included Rexton Elementary, NSER Cobras, Dr. Losier Middle School Knights and the Millerton Bears. All schools managed to launch their projectiles into the designated landing area and thus left with prizes bags donated by APEGNB.
A big thank you to Kim Harris for taking these amazing photos throughout the day: https://client.kimharrisphoto.ca/pumpkinflingautismwalk/