Turnaround Awards Banquet for the Chaleur Area Schools

Posted: June 10, 2019

The Turnaround Awards Banquet for the Chaleur Area Schools in Anglophone North School District was held on May 28th at the Gowan Brae Golf Course in which six recipients were recognized. The Turnaround Achievement Awards Program is one that recognizes students from each school of the Chaleur region for their effort and commitment in turning his or her life around with respect to attitude, behaviour, academic performance, and/or personal obstacles.  Schools have traditionally recognised overachievers, the top athlete and top academics. This program acknowledges youth with multiple barriers for becoming self-sufficient and realizing their full potential within an educational and social context in order to be integrated into higher education or the labour market.   This program also salutes the unsung heroes – the administrators, teachers, counsellors and families who stepped up to make a significant impact with these youth.

This year the winners were:

Chase Canty – Parkwood Elementary School
Jordan Lavigne – Superior Middle School
Kevol Godin – Terry Fox Elementary School
Freddie Pitre – Bathurst Transition Center
Corey Myers – Bathurst High School
Brody Knowles – Janeville Elementary School