Orange Shirt Day

Posted: September 10, 2018


Please wear an orange shirt (or pin) on Friday, Sept. 28th to recognize all the survivors of Residential Schools and those who did not make it home. As we work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and Non Indigenous Canadians, an important step is recognizing the harm done to generations of children and their families due to the Indian Residential schools system. In our area Shubenacadie Indian Residential School was in operation from 1929- 1967. It is important for the students in our classrooms to learn about this sad part of our history and how it affects our indigenous friends and family today. There are two PowerPoints posted here for two different age groups that can be used in classrooms to educate students. A list of lesson ideas, suggestions on how to commemorate the day, as well as resources available will be emailed to each teacher. For support or further information please contact one of the ASDN First Nation Education leads. Patricia Miller or Elizabeth Price