MVHS Students Take a Walking Tour of Chatham

Posted: May 18, 2013

Ms Mary King’s Miramichi Valley High School English 111 students recently stepped back into the past and visited commemorative sites established in the Miramichi East community, but the tour was not just one of visiting a place.  Students brought the spirits of writers and poets and historians to life by reading their words in the places they were buried, the places they spoke, and the places they frequented.  Poets Michael Whalen and E. Pauline Johnson, writers R. M. Hickey and Valerie Sherrard, and  historical information about Joseph Cunard and his brothers may be separated in the curriculum by grade and subject area, but were united in two hours of reflection, song, performance and choral readings.  Students toured St. Michael’s church and graveyard, Elm Park in Chatham and visited Waterford Green, where there is a statue in honour of Francis Peabody. It was a great learning experience for all!