5210 resources

About 5210


5210 A Way of Life is an initiative that partners with communities across the Northumberland County to promote healthy behaviors.

Vision: Northumberland County lives, works and plays in an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Mission: To bring people from all walks of life in Northumberland County together, to adopt 5210 A Way of Life.

The 5210 initiative:

  • Is evidence-based.
  • Promotes simple, easy-to-remember messages to help everyone adopt healthy habits.
  • Promotes consistent messages that can be shared by all partners in our community.


5210 A Way of Life provides clear goals for families to live healthy every day, AND provides tools and resources to community leaders to make changes to their programs, policies, and environments so that the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Hearing a consistent message supported by a healthy community environment is important. By bringing community stakeholders together to share and support this common message, 5210 A Way of Life helps build partnerships and create healthy environments where everyone can eat well and be active every day.