“Did You Find Support for Your Hypothesis?”

Posted: April 2, 2009

One hundred students participated in the District 16 2009 Science Fair at Nelson Rural School on April 1st. The students’ scientific thinking and knowledge, displayed over a wide range of topics, impressed both judges and members of the public .  Top projects were identified at the various grade levels, but the selection was not an easy one for those making the decisions. “It was very satisfying to hear so many students using scientific vocabulary with such ease”, remarked one of the judges.  The teaching of science is  considered important  in District 16 with the emphasis on the “scientific method” and practical, authentic experiences. This was amply displayed by many of the presentations at the fair with students investigating their own questions scientifically. There were experiments to answer such questions as,  “what is  the relationship between my clumsiness and my growth spurt” or   “what is the best way to stay warm if stranded outdoors in the winter”.  One project answered the question “are the fibers in cow dung sufficiently strong enough to be used to make paper”:   the answer was “yes” with the presenter handing out samples (which were thoroughly clean and odorless).  To see photos of some of the presentations and medal recipients visit the photo gallery http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/d16-science-fair-2009 . These presenters were awarded medals:       K -2      1. Kamryn Morehouse – Gretna Green    2. Shaylin MacFarlane, Brydie Trevors – Gretna Green       3-5      1. Andrea Bell – Harkins E    2. Lyndsay Jay Keating – Harkins E    3. Lexie Mitchell, Rachael Carroll – Harkins E       6-8      1. Jennifer Bell – Harkins M     2. Jack McEathron – Dr. Losier     3. Monica Tremblay – Dr. Losier      9-10     1. John MacMillan – MVHS     2. Kim Brown, Megan Butler – MVHS      11-12   1. Nathan King – MVHS     2. Karen Yang, Emilie Berger – MVHS      A number of District 16 Middle and High School students will be selected to participate in the River Valley Regional Science Fair at the University of New Brunswick on April 17th.