2009 CUTE Awards - FINALISTS

Posted: February 11, 2009

School District 16 will be holding the 2009 CUTE Awards on Wednesday February 18th, 2009 at 6:30 PM at the James M. Hill Theater. Come and celebrate the innovative ways our students and teachers are using technology. Learn why District 16 is recognized as a global leader in the use of technology. Experience the excitement and discover how our students and teachers are transforming our classrooms. Again this year we will be featuring live entertainment throughout the evening, a technology display in the main lobby, tours of the digital media studio, and a few additional surprises. The finalists are: SMART Student Notebook Presentation 1. “Christmas in Ireland” – MacKenzie Silliker (NSEE) 2. “Edmundston” – Patrick MacDonnell (Croft Elementary) 3. “Dr. Seuss” –Chrissy Babineau (Bonar Law Memorial School) 4. “Animated Bee” – Logan Sutherland(NSEE) 5. “Animated Bee” – Chase Ward-Stewart (NSEE) SMART Notebook Teacher Lesson 1. “Winter Rhyming Fun” – Angela Moody (Gretna Green Elem.) 2. “Splat” – Kelly Tozer-Richard (District 16 Math Coach) 3. “Mesures de Tendance Centrale” – Charline Arsenault (EWG Middle School) 4. “Writing Poetry” – Dianna Frost (Gretna Green Elementary) 5. “Blends” – Christine Bowes (Gretna Green Elementary) Best Collaborative Project 1. Judson Waye – Nelson Rural / St. Canisus School (Netherlands) 2. Pat Lange – Ian Baillie Primary / De Ni-Je Veste (Netherlands) 3. Maggie Murphy NSEE / Lori Duplessie – ISSC-China 4. Jennifer Sullivan – Nelson Rural / FredericusSchool (Netherlands) 5. Pam Underhill – Millerton / Jeanne Denton-Cosman (EWG Middle School) Digital Photograph 1. “Church in Fog” – Chrissy Babineau (Bonar Law Memorial) 2. “Apples” – Karri Morrow (Bonar Law Memorial) 3. “Sunglasses” – Rose Curtis (MVHS) 4. “World Hunger” – Marley Curran-McLaughlin (JMH) 5. “Girl in Parking Lot” – Renee Hebert (Bonar Law Memorial) Photo Essay – Student 1. “CEAT Program”- Darlene Stymiest (Miramichi Learning Centre) 2. “T’Was the Night Before Christmas” – Rebecca Hitchman (Gretna Green Elementary) 3. “Savannah&Sarah’s Story” – Savannah/Sarah (NSEE Class 5S) 4. “My Inspirations” – Joanne Adourian (Elsipogtog School) 5. “NSEE Christmas Concert” – Shayla Mutch (NSEE) School Website 1. Ian Baillie Primary – Mike McCallum 2. James M. Hill High School – Alex Brown(s)/Jamie O’Toole 3. Gretna Green Elementary – Carolyn Simmons 4. Tabusintac School – Sandy Raymond-Bruce 5. Harkins Elementary – Kari Waye / Phyllis Cooling Teacher/Classroom Website, Wiki, or Blog 1. Allison Sullivan – NSEE 2. Amy Barrieau / Astride Miousse – Harkins Middle School 3. Barbara Brown / Michael McCallum – Ian Baillie Primary 4. Paula Hache / Michael McCallum – Ian Baillie Primary 5. Tyson Theriault / Jillian Theriault – James M . Hill High School Digital Video – Student 1.“Spread the Net” Schacel Despres, Marley Curran, Mark Loggie, Aaron Malley and Matthew Mitchell (JMH) 2.“Paper Bleach” Sara McIntyre and Bryce MacKinley (JMH) 3.“Cello” Anna Cormier (Harkins Middle) 4.“Stick Man Saga” Tim Wingate and JP Barry (JMH) 5.“Shakespeare’s Tragedies” – Mykala Hallihan, Rebekah Dube, Alyssa Dickinson (Harkins Middle) Digital Video – Teacher 1.“Le Drapeau Acadien” Amy Barrieau (Harkins Middle School) 2.“Ian Baillie Boom De Yada!” Mike McCallum (Ian Baillie Primary) 3.“TADD Video” Katherine Halas-Moulton (Bonar Law Memorial) 4.“Making Orange Juice - Understanding Variables” Judson Waye (Nelson Rural School) Digital Audio – Musical 1.I Want to see You Again” Tim Wingate (JMH) 2.“A Croft Christmas: Volume 1” (Croft Elementary) 3.“A St. Andrews Elementary Christmas” St. Andrews Elementary Choir 4.“Lay My Broken Heart to Rest” Jimmy Lingley (MVHS) 5. "Math Rocks" Adam Hayward / Grade 5/6 Class (Miramichi Rural) Digital Audio – Non Musical 1. “Determination” Christopher Cooke (Gretna Green) 2.“Attendance” William Ellison (Burnt Church) 3.“La Musique Française Canadienne” Grade 6 (Harkins Middle) 4. “Interview with a Marine Biologist” Ian Bruce (Gretna Green) 5.“Greener Garden”- Amie Hayes/Taylor-Rae Hogan (Harkins Middle) Junior News Report 1.“Halloween Special” GG Times News Team (Gretna Green Elementary) 2.“Live Morning Announcements” GG Times News Team (Gretna Green Elementary) 3.“Croft Forest Classroom Opening” Liam, (Croft Elementary School) 4.“Nelson Rural Advertise Major Political Parties” Kelsie Poole, Megan Gill and Jacob Silliker (Nelson Rural School) 5.“Elsipogtog has Love of Reading” Hayley, Shaylenne and Mara (Elsipogtog School) Innovative Use of Technology 1. iPod Touch - Dillan MacTavish/Theresa Roy/Patrick Losier (Nelson Rural) 2. Gretna Green Times – Christine O’Reilly/Dianna Frost (Gretna Green Elementary) 3. Forest Eco-Classroom – Mark Donovan (Croft Elementary) 4. Premier Bridgit Conference – Toby Daigle (Rexton Elementary) 5. NSEE Morning Announcements – Mike Buggie (NSEE) 6. Gretna Green Morning Announcements- Carolyn Simmons (Gretna Green Elementary) 7. Fractured Fairy Tale – Renee Perreault (ISSC-Shenzhen, China) 8. Career, Virtue and Getting Along With Others Podcasts - Brian Richardson (D16 Guidance) 9. Cloud Surfer- Homemade Web Browser – Jay Holmes (MVHS) 10. Best of B.Fast/J.M Kids Games- John MacMillan (MVHS) You can vote for the Innovative Use of Technology award here