The "Arts" of Teaching

Posted: April 29, 2009

“When children are stimulated creatively they are more engaged in the learning process.”   This is the philosophy that Croft Elementary School students embraced on April 22,  when Learning Through the Arts (LTTA) came to visit the classrooms of Mrs. Krista Page, Ms. Mona Rousselle, and Ms. Susan Brown.  Together with professional modern dance mentor Nicole from LTTA, the teachers and students integrated drama and dance into lessons on writing, math and science. The students were totally engaged for a full 90 minutes as they moved, grooved, and totally integrated themselves with the curriculum.  It was a true hands on experience where both teachers and students learned new techniques.  Critical thinking skills were incorporated throughout the lesson and students really felt the curriculum had meaning.  They were able to make true connections with the material.  One habitually reluctant writer commented at the end of the session after writing more than he ever did, “Wow!  was that really work?” LTTA was developed by Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music.  It’s a new school of thought that is having an impact on schools across Canada and other parts of the world.  Differentiated learning at its best! To see pictures of students from Ms. Browns class participating in a lesson on life in a wetlands habitat visit .