ATCON Awards Presented

Posted: May 15, 2009

 The 2009 ATCON Turnaround Achievement Awards were held in District 16 at the Rodd Inn, Miramichi East on Thursday May 14th. One student from each District 16 school, the four local First Nations schools and, via digital video recordings,  a school in China and one in Uganda, were recognized for having  made remarkable changes in their approach to learning and their lives in general. Each recipient was supported at the ceremony by their family, their school principal, a representative from ATCON and a representative of the school district office, in addition to one of their teachers who outlined the student’s accomplishments in an address to those attending. Award winners received a certificate signed by NB Premier Shawn Graham, a trophy and gifts as well as the public recognition and congratulations. Provincial Court Judge Graydon Nicholas was the guest speaker for the evening and he outlined, from personal experience, the importance of education and the importance of one’s family to an individual’s sense of worth, progress and  satisfaction in life. District Superintendent Laurie Keoughan expressed appreciation to ATCON C.E.O. Mr. Robert Tozer for the support his family and company provide to this important aspect of education.