"Back to the Future"

Posted: August 18, 2010

District 16 middle school students in the Rexton  area will be looking forward to returning to classes in September as their modern new school is very nearly finished. The new Eleanor W. Graham Middle School building in addition to 13 classrooms, includes: a cultural center, library, science lab, art room, technology center, stage, and specialized music room; features that did not exist in the former building. In addition the  EWGMS community raised $100 000 and as a result its new indoor physical activity facility is 3 times the size of the former school’s gymnasium. The new schools’ grounds are spacious allowing for sports fields and other recreational spaces as well as adequate parking and bussing lanes. The new building is on one level facilitating barrier free access to all and is designed to meet industry standards for “green building performance”. Built to accommodate 350 students it replaces the 57 year old former school. In the center is a 10 meter wide atrium that will serve as a student work area as well as being suited to use for project based learning. The design of the school has been made with the latest ideas about twenty-first century leaning in mind. Visit the photo gallery at http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/ewg .