Busy Day For All

Posted: April 27, 2009

On Thursday April 23rd,  dozens of young women from School District 16 participated in the Go Girl Festival at the Golden Hawk Recreation Center, Miramichi East.  The event was held to assist the 180 participants in their pursuit of basic physical skill development which in turn would help them to take on active and healthy lifestyles. In addition to a very busy day of participating in a wide variety of activities there were opportunities to learn about nutrition and lifestyle choices, provided by MANGO, Addiction Services and the Healthy Learners in School Program. The young women from grades 7 to 10 had a chance to participate in gymnastics, yoga, archery, bowling, swimming, power fitness, dancing, geo-caching, ringette  and Nintendo Wii . They were accompanied and supported throughout the day by women who themselves live an active and healthy lifestyles. The event, organized by a number of contributing groups, was led by Mary Lynn Jardine of the Miramichi Recreation Department and supported by the New Brunswick Departmment of Wellness, Culture  and Sport. Visit http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/girls-move .