CUTE Innovative Use of Technology Nominees

Posted: February 13, 2009

The nominees are: Patrick Losier; Dillan MacTavish; Theresa Roy Project: I-Pod Touch School: Nelson Rural School Description: All of the photos in Dillan’s PEC booklet were digitized and uploaded to the I-Pod Touch. Personal photos and videos of school presentations have also been uploaded. Patrick, Theresa and Dillan are now exploring ways that the I-Pod Touch can be used to assist Dillan, who is non-verbal, in communicating with others. Carolyn Simmons Project: Live Morning Announcements School: Gretna Green Elementary School Description: Each morning the school’s announcements are streamed live over the classroom SMARTBoards. Students have the opportunity to listen and watch their peers read the morning announcements. Carolyn prepares each student reporter for the latest announcements to be announced to the school for that day. For each reporter details are paid to the audience, expression and enthusiasm in their speaking and the organization of the layout of the announcements. With the use of a computer, webcam and a microphone, normal everyday announcements are brought to life. Christine O'Reilly and Dianna Frost Project: GG Times Media Group School: Gretna Green Description: The GG Times is an Elementary School Media Group that help record, anchor and prepare news segments of Gretna Green School Events. The broadcast are played over our live announcement for everyone to see. As well, they are posted on the Media Server and our Website. Brian Richardson Project: Career, Virtue and Getting Along With Others Podcasts Description: Grade 4 Virtues and Getting Along With Others The classroom teachers and Brian Richardson helped students write their thoughts about Virtues, Getting Along with Others and Family. Mr. Richardson helped students practice and record their thoughts on Podcasts. Grade 5 Career Interviews - Mr. Richardson had students reflect on their future careers and then he found people in Careers to visit Gretna Green. Students had to prepare interview questions in advance to be ready for their interviews. Mr. Richardson recorded the interviews. Mike Buggie Project: NSEE Morning Announcements School: North and South Esk Elementary Description: Students and staff have designed an innovative method of delivering morning announcements at NSEE. Instead of broadcasting over the school PA system, the announcements are streamed using Windows Media Encoder and done in a creative method complete with a themed introduction, green screen technology, musical interludes, and much more. Toby Daigle Project: Manitoba and NB Premier Bridgit Conference School: Rexton Elementary Description: Toby Daigle and her Grade 5 class from Rexton Elementary joined forces with Gale Walker’s Grade 5 class at the Bairdmore School in Winnipeg to connect their classroom through a SMART Bridgit conference. To take things one step further, both classes invited their respective Premiers to participate in this intitiative. Therefore NB Premier Shawn Graham participated from Rexton and Manitoba Premier Gary Doer attended in Winnipeg. Subsequently, students from both classes asked several well thought out questions dealing with education, environment, and much more. Mark Donovan Project: Touch Technology in a Forest Classroom School: Croft Elementary Description: Innovative idea which involved creating an outdoor classroom driven by technology. Opportunity for students to participate in GPS/Geocaching activities, use iPod Touch devices to do research and record data, as well as additional technological devices to record and interpret bird sounds. This project is the only one of its kind in the province and allows the students to participate in numerous activities, across many subject curriculums. Renee Perrault Project: Fractured Fairy Tale/ Voicethread School: International School of Sino-Canada Description: For this project, the students were asked to write, illustrate and narrate a fractured fairy tale as a wrap up project for our folktale unit in grade 7. The focus for this project was to get the students writing and speaking in English with correct pronunciation and intonation while using a different medium. The project was evaluated on the writing process, on the neatness of the illustrations, the coherence between the narration and the images, and the use of voice. After completing their own project, the students also went online to view their classmates’ projects. Jay Holmes Project: Cloud Surfer School: MVHS Description: This is a home made web browser which allows people to surf the net in a simple to use environment. John MacMillan Project: Best of BFast/J.M. Kidgames School: MVHS Description: Four reaction tests (one of which is hidden) and two children's educational games. The reaction tests have three different "skins" and high scores and the children's games have gold stars that can be earned through answering questions correctly.