D16 DEC and PSSC's Hear Dinner Presentations on 21st Century Learning

Posted: March 10, 2010

The District 16 Education Council held its annual dinner with the Parent School Support Committees at the Kin Centre, Miramichi West, March 9th, hosted by DEC Chairperson, Patricia Lee. The theme for the evening was "Attitude is Everything!".  The more than 100 guests were addressed during the dinner by Ruth Wilson, E-Learning Specialist, from the NB Department of Education. Ms. Wilson outlined profiles of 21st century learners and the social and technical environment in which they live. She outlined the approaches that the New Brunswick Department of Education is taking to meet the needs of such learners. District 16 Superintendent, Laurie Keoughan, also spoke to the school representatives from across the district, giving an overview of the 21st Century Initiatives that exist in local schools that meet the requirements of 21st Century Learning. The evening wrapped up with everyone taking part in The Big Crunch which was followed by a draw for prizes for each of the schools.