D16 Gives New Emphasis to "Looking Up"

Posted: August 18, 2009

District 16 has found a way to help students reach new heights in a challenging manner. The recent installation of a High Element Challenge Course on the grounds of Miramichi Valley High School provides a unique opportunity for students to test themselves climbing a variety of obstacles with trusty support from team members. The District 16 ‘Adventure Team’ recently had two days of challenge course orientation, skill, facilitation and safety training under Challenges Unlimited Inc.  Using the Challenge Course, individuals and groups are given the opportunity to experience physically and emotionally safe challenges.   The High Elements Challenge Course facility is part of a district wide project, entitled Up, Up and Away, that includes the installation of climbing ropes and flexible climbing walls at various schools and the teaching of basic climbing and climbing support techniques. The project proposal, submitted by Eddie Pinder, District 16 Physical Education Mentor, was approved by the NB Department of Education through the Innovative Learning Fund with partnership support provided by (NRL) Newcastle Recreation and Leisure, International Exchange Student Fund, Camp Sheldrake and the North Shore First Nations Partnership.   Project leader, Ed Pinder, says the project is designed to engage students in a variety of adventure activities, such as those on the High Elements Challenge Course. The purpose of the program is to concentrate on individual and group skill development, by attempting a series of activities which involve physical and emotional risk within a supportive group atmosphere.  Through their experiences, Pinder believes, participants will develop a strong sense of self-worth and accomplishment, and skills in problem solving, leadership, communication, decision-making, trust and teamwork. See more images of the "HECC" at http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/d16-high-elements-challenge-course .