D16 Students Applying Scientific Thought

Posted: March 19, 2010

Organizers of this year's District 16 Elementary School Science Fair, held March 18th, were impressed with the scientific quality of the work presented. In recent years district teachers of science have been working towards helping students understand and apply scientific methodology to investigate and find answers for their curiosities about everyday phenomena. At the fair students showed through the diversity and quality of their projects, they understand what science is and how it works. Singled out for their work were the following prize winners. 1st place - Slip Slid'n Away: Sarah Manderville and Emily McCabe (Blackville) 2nd place – Which type of paper dissolves better? Kaitlyn Comeau and Taylor Donovan (Gretna Green) 3rd place – Which brand of detergent cleans better? - Taufah Ahmed (Gretna Green)