A Display of Scientific Thinking

Posted: March 25, 2010

Dozens of District 16 secondary school students put on a well prepared display of their interests in science and scientific thinking at the 2010 science fair at Harkins Middle School Thursday March 25th. The judges were impressed with the quality of the work, attention to detail and the sincerity of the presenters as they visited each of the projects. There was plenty of originality of the scientific questions many of the students attempted to answer through creating and testing their own hypotheses. Other projects displayed scientific phenomenon that students were keen to investigate. A number of the participants will go on to participate in the New Brunswick provincial science fair at the University of New Brunswick, April 16th. Middle School winners are:   1st Libby and Marley Kingston (Miramichi Rural School)   2nd Neha Siddhartha (Dr. Losier Middle School)   3rd Monica Tremblay (Dr. Losier Middle School) High School winners are;   1st Tim Henderson and Katelyn Tozer (North and  South Esk Regional High School)   2nd Scott Bowes and Kyle Clark (James M. Hill Memorial High School)   3rd Robbie Hamilton and Shawn Stewart (North and  South Esk Regional High School) For photos from the event visit "D16 M.S. and H.S. Science Fair".