Elementary Schools on Stage

Posted: May 28, 2010

Miramichi Valley High School Theatre was the venue for the 2010 District 16 Elementary Drama Festival with 6 plays being performed over the two day event. The very entertaining and well prepared productions were a delight for those in the audience and were received with critical acclaim by the adjudicators. Large numbers of students were involved acting on stage, singing in choirs and back stage, providing support in various ways. Between plays high school drama students from MVHS and James M. Hill provided mentoring, entertainment and encouragement and were very much appreciated by the younger participants. The dedication, creativity and enthusiasm of teachers and students was very evident in all the productions.The program included: "Who Pushed Humpty" by Gretna Green Elementary, "Twinderella" by North and South Esk Elementary, "Porridgegate" by Millerton School, "Rock and Roll Forever" by Croft Elementary, "A Midsummer's Night Dream", also by Croft Elementary and "Clowns" by Nelson Rural School. Visit the photo gallery at http://district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/d16-elementary-school-dramafest