A Film Maker's Visit

Posted: February 22, 2010

Antarctica is getting warmer. The potential changes to the world represent a challenge. Film maker and explorer, Mark Terry, who recently spent a week in District 16 visiting schools to show and talk about his newly released documentary film, The Antarctica Challenge, was very emphatic on this point. The film, shot during the Antarctic summer of early 2009, documents the effects of global warming on this most southerly continent, as accelerated glacier melt raises sea levels and animal behaviours change due to food distribution. Students were able to ask questions and hear of first hand experiences including up close and personal encounters with penguins and what it is like to swim with only a bathing suit on, in the Antarctic Ocean. His film was shown at the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009. Mr. Terry, based in Toronto, was also a guest presenter for the video category in District 16's third annual CUTE Awards, held February 18th.