Fishermen Remembered

Posted: May 31, 2009

On June 19th, 1959, thirty-five fishermen lost their lives in what has become known as the Escuminac Disaster. While they were at sea drifting for salmon, a sudden storm struck the fleet resulting in much heroic drama and the great loss of life. The students of Miramichi Rural School are recognizing the 50th anniversary of the tragedy in a variety of ways which will be showcased at the school on June 11th 2009 in the afternoon for students, and evening for the public at 6:30 pm. Each student is participating in a learning cluster that is researching a specific aspect of the event with the assistance of their teachers, members of the community and other resource people. Many of the children are direct descendants of the victims so the work has special significance and will be presented with meaningful insights.Miramichi Rural School enrichment mentor,  Ms Charlotte Loggie, has been working with a group of eight students since January to produce podcasts and videos interpreting and recreating some of the circumstances surrounding the disaster. Their work will be showcased at a community commemorative event at the Escuminac Wharf on the weekend of June 19th to 21st.