The Great Big Crunch

Posted: February 12, 2009

On Thursday February 12, 2009, students and staff across District 16 took one big bite towards healthy living through healthy eating. Food Share’s ™ program called ‘Great Big Crunch’ invited students and teachers to learn about healthy eating and local and global food systems and enjoy an apple for a snack during their mid-morning break. All students and staff were asked to bring an apple to “crunch” together. Apples were also provided by home and school organizations and from other sources. A group of grade one students from Ian Baillie visited the District 16 office to share their apples with School Superintendent Mr. Laurie Keoughan and other district staff members. The Canada wide “Great Big Crunch” will take place on March 5th but since District 16 will be on March Break on that date the event was held earlier to coincide with Teacher Appreciation Week. Visit the image gallery "Photos from Here and There" for a picture of Mr. Keoughan and his fellow "crunchers".