Keeping Up With Yesterday

Posted: May 18, 2010

Research into a wide variety of historical topics was presented by enthusiastic District 16 students at the Heritage Fair held May 13th at the Douglastown Community Center. Many of the 60 displays exhibited dealt with topics and locations specific to the Miramichi Region and the participants were congratulated on their efforts to get to know their own history. A list of award winners is included below. The Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick was among the visitors to see many of the displays and talk to the young historians. In his address during the award ceremony the Lieutenant Governor encouraged those present to pursue their interests as they could never know where it might lead them later in their lives. He also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to learn so much about the history of the Miramichi region. As part of the fair, event organizer, retired educator Mr. Cyril Donahue, himself a historian, took the participants on a short walking tour of the Lowertown section of Douglastown. He explained much of the history of what is still so evident in the Lowertown area from the 1800's. The program also included Scottish, Irish and Acadian folk dancing and the singing of a Mi'maq traditional song  by local performers. An awards presentation ceremony concluded the annual Heritage Fair.  To see photos from the event visit . The Award Winners: The project titled La Culture Acadienne by Natasha Daigle and Vanessa Steinmann   from Bonar Law Memorial School was the overall winner. These two students will attend the Provincial Showcase to be held at Village Historique Acadien from June 25-27   1.      The New Brunswick Historic Places Award … Saint Michael’s School … Daryn Duplessie and Layne Wallace, Nelson Rural School   2.      The New Brunswick St. Croix 2004 Award … La Culture Acadienne … Natasha Daigle and Vanessa Steinmann …. Bonar Law Memorial School   3.      The New Brunswick Museum Award of Merit … Swinging Bridges … Ethan Johnston … Harkins Elementary   4.      Nancy’s Award … The Great Career of Wendy Dealy … Ryan Travers, Logan Lavoie and Andrew Lanteigne, Nelson Rural School   5.      The Council of Archives New Brunswick Award … Keeping Memories Alive … Lyndsay Jay-Keating, Harkins Middle School   6.      The New Brunswick Sport Legacy Award … Chatham Ironmen Wally Jimmo … Matthew McCarthy, Harkins Middle School   7.      2tongues! Award … Le Grand Feu de Miramichi … Jordan Curran and Joshua Beaulieu, Harkins Middle School   8.      The New Brunswick Labour History Award … Hotel Dieu Hospital … Kayla Gallan and Melissa Hambrook, Nelson Rural School   9.      The New Brunswick Capital Commission Award … Jay Leonard O’Brien … Lauren Fitzpatrick and Jolene Jardine, Nelson Rural School   10.  New Brunswick Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat Award for the Celebration of Aboriginal Heritage … Augustine Mound … Coakley Genova … Harkins Elementary   11.  The Friends of Beaubears Island Award … Shipwrights of the Miramichi … Ryan Dickson, Nelson Rural School   12.  Canada’s Irish Festival Award … Middle Island … Rae Jardine and Arika McLean, Nelson Rural School   13.  Miramichi Landings Award … French Fort Cove … Patrick Ramsay … Harkins Elementary   14.  Miramichi Historical Society Award  … John Harkin’s Dream … Hannah Laws and Carter Smith-McKinley …  Harkin’s Elementary