Leadership Experience for D16 Educators

Posted: October 29, 2009

District 16  has recognized 8 teachers who recently completed the district's two year Leadership Development Program. The certificates were presented at a ceremony at the Rodd Inn and presided over by District Superintendent Laurie Keoughan and the Director of Education Richard Walsh. The recipients were  Candace Curtis, Kurt Donald, Ashley Halihan, Aaron Johnston, Tracy Moody, Dean Mutch, Carrie Saunders and Colleen Underhill. Ms Moody and Mr. Johnston were absent when photos were taken. The Leadership Development Program participants accepted into the program are required to hold NB Teacher's Certificate V and have 5 years teaching experience.  The requirements for completion include among others, involvement in School Improvement Planning, participation in specific training modules, completion of an approved project in conjunction  with an educational mentor and experience in providing professional development for colleagues. Teachers who meet the criteria  are  encouraged to apply if they are interested in becoming future school administrators or simply for personal professional growth.