Lessons in Global Citizenship

Posted: October 24, 2010

Fifteen young District 16 students recently played host to an equal number of young people from St. Canisius school in Almelo, Netherlands. This is the second year that such an exchange has taken place as the local students will be making a return visit to St. Canisius School during the second semester, early in 2011. This international collaboration has developed over the last several years and is an important program in encouraging students to be aware of their roles as global citizens. The Dutch visitors travelled to a number of locations in the Miramichi area, learning about the culture and heritage of their hosts and spending time at host schools Miramichi Valley and James M. Hill high schools. The guests prior to their departure, made short formal and entertaining presentations to their new Canadian friends and their families about their lives in the Netherlands, no doubt whetting appetites for the up-coming return visit by the local students.   One of the experiences provided to the Dutch students was a chance to meet Canadian WWII veterans, and remembering Canada’s involvement in the liberation of Holland. In addition to time in the classroom, the weather although on the cool side this past week, allowed for many largely outdoor experiences. The list included: adventure in the French Fort Cove area, geo-caching and canoeing; time on the High Elements Challenge Course at Miramichi Valley High; a visit to the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre in South Esk; a tour of the  Metepenagiag Heritage Park, amongst other things. A day in Halifax as they return to the Netherlands included plans to visit to  Pier 21 and the Atlantic Museum of the Atlantic. To see photos of the visit go to http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/dutch-exchange-2010 .