Living The Past

Posted: May 25, 2009

District elementary school students had a unique insight into their heritage on May 21st. A Heritage Showcase organized and  hosted by Croft Elementary School, had each K to 3 classroom choose a Miramichi heritage theme to research, present, role play and share with their classmates, visiting schools and members of the public. Presentations were also made by students from Harkins Elementary, Nelson Rural School and the Learning Center.  Many of the children dressed in period costumes and enacted daily tasks that many of their ancestors once performed. Other children did research on a variety of topics and shared their knowledge by way of physical, digital and vocal presentations. Visiting schools included Miramichi Rural, Nelson Rural, Napan,  Millerton, Tabusintac, Harkins and Rexton. All the children were treated to a ride in a horse-drawn wagon provided by Charlie Innes. In addition, traditional dancing, reflecting the Micmac and Irish cultures, was performed by very talented and well trained young performers. It was a very busy day but seemed to be a very rewarding and enriching one.  To view a photo gallery from the event visit .